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Scientific Editing

Advanced service enhancing language and technical quality for high-impact journals. Ideal for complex scientific manuscripts.
$ 0.3
Per word
  • Editing by the Subject Expert
  • Correction of All Language & Grammar Errors
  • Improvement in Style, Flow and Presentation
  • Plagiarism Correction
  • Awkward Sentence Correction
  • Logical and Technical Consistency
  • Reference Formatting
  • Citation Error Correction
  • Abstract Word Count Reduction
  • Target Journal Formatting
  • Journal Submission
  • One-Year Re-editing Support

Comprehensive Editing

This manuscript editing service is ideal if you want to make your manuscript ready for submission. It covers editing by a subject matter expert and reference formatting. Additionally, you get unlimited editing support.
$ 0.05
Per word
  • Editing by the Subject Expert
  • Correction of All Language & Grammar Errors
  • Improvement in Style, Flow and Presentation
  • Awkward Sentence Correction
  • Reference Formatting
  • Citation Error Correction
  • Target Journal Formatting
  • 180 Days Re-editing Support

Editorial corrections

This manuscript editing service is ideal if your manuscript needs only limited corrections in terms of language and syntax. You get discounted support on other services.
$ 0.03
Per word
  • Correction of All Language & Grammar Errors
  • Improvement in Style, Flow and Presentation
  • Awkward Sentence Correction
  • Reference Formatting
  • Target Journal Formatting
  • 120 Days Re-editing Support


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At Editverse, we specialize in premium manuscript editing, perfecting your research papers for high-impact academic and scientific journals.

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Here is why Editverse’s manuscript editing services are much ahead of competitors.

  1. Elevate Your Manuscript with Expert Editing at Editverse

    At Editverse, our team of manuscript editors brings unparalleled expertise to the table, essential for securing publication in prestigious academic journals. Our dynamic team is composed of:

    • BELS-certified editors
    • Medical writers seasoned in scientific publishing
    • PhD-level subject-matter experts

    Refinement for Scholarly Excellence
    We commit to elevating your manuscript to meet and exceed rigorous academic standards. Our meticulous editing process includes:

    • 📘 Academic English and Specialized Terminology: Ensuring precision and clarity in language.
    • 📑 Adherence to Journal Formats: Tailoring your manuscript to fit the specific formats of leading journals.
    • 📊 Citation Style Expertise: Skilled in APA, IEEE, MLA, and Chicago styles for comprehensive referencing.
    • 🧩 Structure and Logical Flow: Enhancing the overall structure, logical progression, and integration of tables and graphics for a cohesive narrative.

    Cross-Disciplinary Expertise
    Our editors, many of whom are published authors themselves, possess a deep understanding of academic conventions across a wide array of disciplines, including medicine, sciences, engineering, and humanities. This diversity enables us to enhance the academic rigor, novelty, significance, and clarity of your work, propelling your research to make a substantial impact in your field.

    Our Core Focuses:

    • 🌟 Editorial Expertise: Highlighting the credentials and proficiency of our editors.
    • 🔍 Enhanced Academic Quality: Structuring our services to amplify the academic merit of your manuscript.
    • 📚 Contribution to Scholarship: Detailing how our editing aids in advancing scholarship and knowledge in your research domain.

    Partner with Editverse for an editing experience that transforms your manuscript into a beacon of scholarly excellence, ready to advance the frontiers of knowledge in your field.

Manuscript Editing: Before and After Typical Example

Before Editing:

Background: This study was design for look at if Aspirin can help in reduce risk of heart attack. Many people has heart disease and need good treatment. Heart disease is major problem worldwide, cause many death. We think Aspirin might help, but not sure.
Objectives: We want see how Aspirin affect people with heart disease. Is it really make them better? We looking if Aspirin reduce heart attack chance.
Methods: We do experiment for 6 months with 200 people having heart disease. Half group take Aspirin, other half take placebo. We not tell them what they take. Every month, we check their heart health, blood pressure, and other signs.
Results: Seem like people taking Aspirin have less heart attacks. But also, they have more headaches and stomach problems. We think this side effects of Aspirin.
Conclusion: Our study find Aspirin might help with heart attack, but it also cause side effects. We need more research for understand how Aspirin affect different types of people and if it safe for long-term use.

After Editing:

Background: This study explores the potential of Aspirin in mitigating the risk of heart attacks among individuals with heart disease, a significant global health concern. Recognizing the high mortality rates associated with heart disease, this study investigates the efficacy of Aspirin, a widely used anti-inflammatory drug, in providing a protective effect against heart conditions.

Objectives: The primary aim was to assess the impact of Aspirin on heart disease patients, specifically its role in reducing the incidence of heart attacks. The study sought to unravel the therapeutic benefits of Aspirin in the context of cardiac health.

Methods: Over a span of six months, 200 participants diagnosed with heart disease were enrolled in this double-blind study. They were randomly divided into two groups: one receiving Aspirin and the other a placebo. Participants’ cardiovascular health was rigorously monitored through various metrics such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and echocardiogram readings.

Results: The data indicated a lower occurrence of heart attacks in the Aspirin group compared to the placebo group. However, increased instances of minor side effects, notably headaches and gastrointestinal discomfort, were reported among the Aspirin users.

Conclusion: The findings suggest that Aspirin has a potential role in reducing heart attack risk, yet its long-term safety profile warrants further investigation. Future studies should focus on understanding Aspirin’s impact across diverse demographic groups, assessing its long-term usage implications, and exploring viable alternatives to mitigate side effects.

Changes Made :

Improved sentence structure and grammar
Replaced informal language with formal language
Clarified research question and objectives
Added details on study design and methodology
Added specific metrics used to monitor cardiovascular health
Provided exact results from the study
Elaborated on the implications and limitations of the study

# Expert Recommendations for Enhancing Your Research

Getting published in reputed academic journals requires meeting rigorous quality standards. Our editors don’t just polish language – they provide concrete suggestions to significantly improve your methodology, analysis and presentation of research.

## Sample Recommendations

For the above cardiology manuscript example, our experts would recommend researchers to:

★ Include exact p-values, confidence intervals to establish statistical significance of findings.

★ Elaborate on selection criteria and diagnostic tools used to allow replication.

★ Discuss limitations like sample size and demographic factors to qualify findings.

This level of technical input significantly enhances academic merit. For instance, with these changes:

✔ The validity of conclusions is strengthened
✔ Study weaknesses are transparently reported
✔ Ability to inform clinical guidelines is boosted

## Our Commitment to Advancing Science

With decades of cumulative expertise, our editors provide custom recommendations focused on adding depth, transparency and impact – enabling your hard work to genuinely further scientific progress and knowledge.

To learn more about our science-centric editing, contact us.

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